25$ monthly
per operator

  • General Reporting

  • Advanced Operated Panel

  • Operator Reporting

  • IVR

  • 8/5 Support Service

  • 1-10 Operators

20$ monthly
per operator

  • General Reporting

  • Advanced Operated Panel

  • Operator Reporting

  • IVR

  • 8/5 Support Service

  • 10+ Operators

40$ monthly
per operator

  • Basic Plan +

  • Advanced Queue Strategies

  • Customer Rating System

  • Callback

  • 24/7 Support Service

  • 1-10 Operators

35$ monthly
per operator

  • Basic Plan +

  • Advanced Queue Strategies

  • Customer Rating System

  • Callback

  • 24/7 Support Service

  • 10+ Operators


EVERYthing you should know

General Reporting

Monitor your inbound, outbound, abandoned, disconnected In Queue, disconnected in IVR and repeated calls in your call center, SLA, Amount of calls during non-work hours. Search for data based on timeframes. Filter, account and export data with graphs and other visual representations. Data of IVR call distribution. Hourly accounting of inbound, answered and missed calls. Hourly and total accounting of missed calls, accounting of repeated attempts, counting returned missed calls as completed.

Advanced operator Panel + CRM

Received, answered, outbound and missed calls by an operator during the day.

“dialer” function on missed calls: By select hours, calls that have been waiting the most time, certain IVR distribution, concrete recipients.

Operators can set different statuses:

“available” – ready to receive calls

“busy” – can not receive calls

“speaking” – currently is receiving or performing a call

Possibility to see how long was each status used for during the current day

You will be able to build a customer profile based on inbound and outbound calls:

Date and time of calls

First and last names

Mobile number (filled automatically)

Drop-down menu with pre-determined actions

Call content

Customer description (manual notes)

Templates for e-mails

Templates for text messages

Which products and promotions apply to them

You can also see which operator interacted with which contacts during the day

Reports based on content, products, promotions, sent e-mails and text messages

Operator Work Time

Track login and logout activity, amount of received and missed calls. Hold time, talk time, ready time, not ready time, outbound calls, inbound and received calls, call duration, duration of statuses used by each operator and the sequence by which they were changed.

Operator Reporting

Track inbound and outbound calls, calls that disconnected while talking and lost calls. average, minimum and maximum durations of calls. Who initiated the end of the call (operator or customer), SLA as well as raw and visual data. Search for and download completed calls, filter by call duration, wait time and phone number.

Interactive Voice Response

Multi-tiered automated menu where you can set up different sequences for the customers to go through. You can prioritize or block calls based on IVR, as well as set up greetings and ads.

Soft Phone Functions

Mute, hold and transfer calls, switch operators account.

Call Recording Search

You can search inbound and outbound calls filtered by operator, customer, and call time. Listen or download them.

Call Queuing

Redistribute calls that are in queue.

Call Recording

Record inbound, outbound and transferred calls.

Real Time Queue Statistics

Monitor in live which customers are in queue.

Barge in / Whisper

Listen to your operators in real time and give them tips and guidance.

Real Time Queue Monitoring

Monitor ongoing inbound and outbound calls in your system.

Link Company Directory with LDAP

A phone handbook of your company.


See inbound / outgoing, missed / received calls and SLA in real time, as well as status of each operator (speaking, busy).

Supervisor can Log agents In/Out

Supervisors have the ability to change operator status and make them unavailable or available.


Dial on missed calls automatically or manually.

CRM Reporting

Reports of CRM information.

Auto Dialer (Voice)

Call selected numbers with pre-recorded voice messages.

Black list / VIP Customer list

Prioritize or block customers by creating black and VIP lists.

Working/Non-working hours

Set working and non-working hours.

Answer Base

Easy to navigate answers for frequently asked questions.

Voice Prompt on Outgoing Calls

Use audio files on outgoing calls.

Scheduled call recording deletion

Delete the recordings of your calls after a select timeframe.

Download/Play Call recordings Logging

The system will log calls that you downloaded or listened to on the platform.