about us

CommuniQ International is a tech company that offers contact center and call-center systems with flexible licensing model and a wide range of functionalities customized to fit your business model. Our main priorities are to satisfy your needs and manage your digital communication channels more efficiently. We can help you provide the best customer engagement and experience.

Our team is dedicated to building a system that enables efficient and satisfying experiences for your customers and operators alike. We will equip your contact centers with innovative and data-driven solutions that offer convenience and understanding needed to achieve personalized and sophisticated interactions across all channels and multiple devices.

Our main Advantage is our innovative, creative and challenging team, which will implement and support the services you need quickly and effectively. Despite our company being relatively young, our quality and innovative methods have given us the chance to work with brands such as: Crystal MFO, Imedi L, M2, Evex Hospitals and etc.

As you can see, we have solutions that can be customized according to your call center type and business size.